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The AROMAPEX campaign

The AROMAPEX campaign was held in Berlin in April 2016. AROMAPEX was supported by the European Commission through Eufar and by the European Space Agency (ESA) in the framework of its Copernicus Earth observation programme. The campaign was coordinated by BIRA and included 12 research groups from Belgium (BIRA, VITO), Germany (Universities of Berlin, Bremen, and Heidelberg, MPIC, DLR), Romania (INCAS, University of Galati), and the Netherlands (University of Delft, KNMI, TNO).

The APEX measurement technique.
The DLR Dornier (D-CFFU) and the FUB Cessna (D-EAFU) which were used in parallel during the AROMAPEX campaign.
AROMAPEX was dedicated to measure the air quality over Berlin and to intercompare airborne instruments. Two aircraft (DLR Do-228 and FUB Cessna-207) were operated simultaneously above Berlin, carrying 4 atmospheric imagers (APEX in the Do-228 and AirMAP, SWING, and Tropolite in the Cessna). Simultaneously, three mobile DOAS systems were operated on the ground across the Berlin area. Static ground-based measurements (DOAS, ceilometer, photometer, ...) completed the instrumental set-up. The dataset collected during the campaign provides a unique opportunity to investigate the characteristics of the different airborne instruments. AROMAPEX thus complements the work done during previous campaigns, namely AROMAT and BUMBA, when these instruments were used separately.

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    The APEX measurement technique.


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