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Trace gas retrieval software

The experience of BIRA-IASB in the development and improvement of algorithms for the retrieval of trace gas concentrations goes back to the early 1990s, with atmospheric research activities using ground-based UV-Visible spectrometers aiming at the long-term monitoring of minor components involved in the catalytic destruction of the ozone layer or in anthropogenic pollution.

The development of various ground-based and satellite-based instruments has made it necessary to develop general software for trace gas retrieval.



QDOAS is a cross-platform application which performs DOAS retrievals of trace gases from spectral measurements (satellite, ground-based, mobile or aircraft-based instruments). The software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

The software evolves along with the measurement techniques and DOAS research, and has been extensively validated in different campaigns and algorithm comparisons. The friendly user interface, flexibility and the robustness of the algorithms largely contribute to QDOAS success in the world.

Below, the countries where registered QDOAS users come from.

Latest release : 3.6.x, December 2023

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Some specific tools which could be of use to others are provided via a separate page.


Last update on 20 Mar 2024