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CINDI campaign

The CINDI campaign (Cabauw Intercomparison Campaign of Nitrogen Dioxide measuring Instruments) is a CEOS, GEOMON and NDACC initiative. It takes place in Cabauw (52° N, 5° E), The Netherlands, during June-July 2009 (

Description of the campaigns

The main objective of this campaign is to intercompare the NO2 measuring instruments that can be used for validation of tropospheric NO2 from satellites. Many different in-situ and remote sensing instruments participated. An overview of the campaign can be found in Piters et al. 2011.

View of the Cabauw site

The campaign resulted in an estimate of the accuracy of the NO2 tropospheric columns and profiles for the participating instruments under different atmospheric conditions (clouds/aerosols) and viewing geometries. Results of the intercomparison of NO2 and O4 slant columns can be found in Roscoe et al. 2010. Apart from NO2, other parameters have been measured and intercompared, among which O3, aerosol, HCHO, CHOCHO, and BrO (e.g. Irie et al., 2010).

BIRA-IASB instruments

More than 20 instruments were gathered in Cabauw during the CINDI campaign, and BIRA-IASB participates to this campaign with 3 instruments:
  • a MAXDOAS (300-700 nm)
  • a MiniDOAS (290-435 nm)
  • a MobileDOAS

Scientific highligths

An example of the results of the NO2 slant column comparisons is presented in figure 1 (Roscoe et al., 2010).

Figure 1: Slopes and intercept of the regression analysis of the different MAXDOAS compared to a reference dataset (from Roscoe et al., 2010)

List of publications

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More information

The CINDI workshop of 10 & 11 March 2010
was held at BIRA-IASB, Brussels, Belgium. Information regarding this workshop can still be found: here.

For more information, please contact Michel Van Roozendael

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