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The AROMAT-2 Campaign

The second Airborne ROmanian Measurements of Aerosols and Trace gases (AROMAT-2) campaign was held in Romania during the second half of August 2015. AROMAT-2 was supported by ESA in the framework of its Copernicus Earth observation programme. AROMAT was coordinated by BIRA and included seven other research institutions from Romania (University of Galati, INOE, and INCAS), Germany (Universities of Bremen, Berlin, and MPIC) and Norway (NILU).


Measurements were performed from three different aircraft and from the ground above two geophysical targets: (1) the city of Bucharest and (2) the large power plants of the Jiu Valley, 180 km West of Bucharest. Target species of the campaign were NO2, SO2, aerosols, and formaldehyde, all of them being mandatory products of TROPOMI/S5p. The dataset collected during AROMAT-2 will help to prepare the validation of this new spaceborne instrument, scheduled to be launched in summer 2016.

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    Last update on 21 Oct 2015