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Publications 2019

Carboni, E., Mather, T.A., Schmidt, A., Grainger, R.G., Pfeffer, M.A., Ialongo, I., Theys, N.
Satellite-derived sulfur dioxide (SO₂) emissions from the 2014–2015 Holuhraun eruption (Iceland)
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics, 19(7), 4851-4862, Doi:10.5194/acp-19-4851-2019, 2019.
Liu, M., Lin, J., Boersma, K.F., Pinardi, G., Wang, Y., Chimot, J., Wagner, T., Xie, P., Eskes, H., Van Roozendael, M., Hendrick, F., Wang, P., Wang, T., Yan, Y., Chen, L., Ni, R.
Improved aerosol correction for OMI tropospheric NO2 retrieval over East Asia: constraint from CALIOP aerosol vertical profile
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 12(1), 1-21, Doi:10.5194/amt-12-1-2019, 2019
Liu, S., Valks, P., Pinardi, G., De Smedt, I., Yu, H., Beirle, S., Richter, A.
An improved total and tropospheric NO₂ column retrieval for GOME-2
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 12(2), 1029-1057, Doi:10.5194/amt-12-1029-2019, 2019.
Queisser, M., Burton, M., Theys, N., Pardini, F., Salerno, G., Caltabiano, T., Varnam, M., Esse, B., Kazahaya, R.,
TROPOMI enables high resolution SO₂ flux observations from Mt. Etna, Italy, and beyond
Scientific Reports, 9, A957, Doi:10.1038/s41598-018-37807-w, 2019
Tack, F., Merlaud, A., Meier, A.C., Vlemmix, T., Ruhtz, T., Iordache, M.-D., Ge, X., Van Der Wal, L., Schuettemeyer, D., Ardelean, M., Calcan, A., Constantin, D., Schönhardt, A., Meuleman, K., Richter, A., Van Roozendael, M.
Intercomparison of four airborne imaging DOAS systems for tropospheric NO2 mapping - the AROMAPEX campaign
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 12(1), 211-236, Doi:10.5194/amt-12-211-2019, 2019.
Theys, N., Hedelt, P., De Smedt, I., Lerot, C., Yu, H., Vlietinck, J., Pedergnana, M., Arellano, S., Galle, B., Fernandez, D., Carlito, C.J.M., Barrington, C., Taisne, B., Delgado-Granados, H., Loyola, D., Van Roozendael, M.
Global monitoring of volcanic S O₂ degassing with unprecedented resolution from TROPOMI onboard Sentinel-5 Precursor
Scientific Reports, 9, A2643, Doi:10.1038/s41598-019-39279-y, 2019
Wagner, T., Beirle, S., Benavent, N., Bösch, T., Chan, K.L., Donner, S., Dörner, S., Fayt, C., Frieß, U., García-Nieto, D., Gielen, C., González-Bartolome, D., Gomez, L., Hendrick, F., Henzing, B., Jin, J.L., Lampel, J., Ma, J., Mies, K., Navarro, M., Pet
Is a scaling factor required to obtain closure between measured and modelled atmospheric O₄ absorptions? – An assessment of uncertainties of measurements and radiative transfer simulations for 2 selected days during the MAD-CAT campaign
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 12(5), 2745-2817, Doi:10.5194/amt-12-2745-2019, 2019
Wang, Y., Dörner, S., Donner, S., Böhnke, S., De Smedt, I., Dickerson, R.R., Dong, Z., He, H., Li, Z., Li, Z., Li, D., Liu, D., Ren, X., Theys, N., Wang, Y., Wang, Y., Wang, Z., Xu, H., Xu, J., Wagner, T.
Vertical profiles of NO2, SO2, HONO, HCHO, CHOCHO and aerosols derived from MAX-DOAS measurements at a rural site in the central western North China Plain and their relation to emission sources and effects of regional transport
Atmospheric.chemistry And Physics, 19(8), 5417-5449, Doi:10.5194/acp-19-5417-2019, 2019.
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