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The AROMAT Campaigns

The Airborne ROmanian Measurements of Aerosols and Trace gases (AROMAT) campaigns were held in Romania in September 2014 and August 2015. The AROMAT campaigns were supported by ESA in the framework of its Copernicus Earth observation programme. The AROMAT activities were coordinated by BIRA and included eight other research institutions from Romania (University of Galati, INOE, and INCAS), Germany (Universities of Bremen, Berlin, and MPIC) the Netherlands (KNMI), and Norway (NILU).

The objectives of the AROMAT campaigns were (i) to test recently developed airborne observation systems dedicated to air quality satellite validation studies such as the AirMap (university of Bremen), the NO2 sonde (KNMI), and SWING (BIRA), and (ii) to prepare the validation programme of the future Atmospheric Sentinels, starting with S5P to be launched in early summer 2016.

Last update on 30 Mar 2018