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UV-Visible DOAS Research

The UV-Vis DOAS group

The DOAS group concentrates on atmospheric chemistry related research, based on observations performed using the so-called Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technique. Retrieval algorithms applied to ground-based and satellite instruments are developed and used to monitor the atmospheric concentration of a number of important trace gases like O3, NO2, BrO, OClO, HCHO, SO2, CHOCHO, etc. These activities are performed in the context of the BIRA-IASB contribution to international ground-based networks (e.g. the NDACC) and to European atmospheric chemistry satellite missions like ERS-2/GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2.

The group is lead by Dr. Michel Van Roozendael. See the members of our group here


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 S5PVAL-BE campaign

For validation of the recently launched Sentinel-5 Precursor (S-5P) / TROPOMI mission, the S5PVAL-BE campaign took place from 26 to 29 June, 2019 over Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium, with a focus on mapping of the horizontal distribution of tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2). In total four mapping flights, coinciding with the S-5P overpass time, took place on four consecutive, cloud-free days with the APEX imaging spectrometer. The analysis of the gathered data will focus on the assessment of the TROPOMI tropospheric NO2 product over polluted regions as well as on the TROPOMI sub-pixel NO2 variability and the impact of spatial smoothing of the signal.


Last update on 23 Aug 2019