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UV-Visible DOAS Research

The UV-Vis DOAS group

The DOAS group concentrates on atmospheric chemistry related research, based on observations performed using the so-called Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technique. Retrieval algorithms applied to ground-based and satellite instruments are developed and used to monitor the atmospheric concentration of a number of important trace gases like O3, NO2, BrO, OClO, HCHO, SO2, CHOCHO, etc. These activities are performed in the context of the BIRA-IASB contribution to international ground-based networks (e.g. the NDACC) and to European atmospheric chemistry satellite missions like ERS-2/GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2.

The group is lead by Dr. Michel Van Roozendael. See the members of our group here


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 Chemical species in California wildfires observed from space.

During the summer season, forest fires are a natural part of the climate and landscape of the western USA. Recent years have seen a prolonged fire season with increased intensity and extent of the fire events in comparison to a 'normal' season. The 2020 fire season so far has shown intense and widespread fire events and may be registered as one of the worst seasons ever recorded. BIRA-IASB has been following the chemical gas species released from the wildfires by means of the TROPOMI satellite sensor.


Last update on 18 Sep 2020